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skull canes


We’ve been using weapons ever since our earliest ancestors were running around in a loincloth and, in a moment of inspiration, grabbed a tree branch to hit some dude over the head. Almost every country’s indigenous martial art includes some kind of stick work. If it works for all of them it’s probably going to work for you too. The cane is a qualified appliance under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This makes it the perfect weapon to be carried anytime, anyplace in our society. Furthermore, weapons training makes a great complement to any practice.

Basic Open Carry Cane

  • Lecture and practice.
  • History and legalities.
  • The cane as weapon
  • Basic strikes and blocks
  • Stances and balance
  • Exercises and practice
  • Some scenario work

Advanced Open Carry Cane

  • Must have taken Intro to Cane
  • All practice
  • Learning the practice Kata
  • Advanced strikes and defense
  • When the cane is grabbed
  • Take downs and disarming


Living Safe 101: Self Defense Theory and Techniques

“I never thought it would happen to me”

You never want to say that. Our self defense course is quite simply better than most of the crap out there, safe, succinct, and grounded squarely in the real world.

  • Lecture and practice
  • All self defense principles
  • Stances and balance
  • Threat assessment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Basic attacks and defenses
  • Dealing with grabs
  • Basic falling and ground work

Armed Self Defense

Do you have your CCW? Do you carry a sidearm legally or illegally? Good for you, but do you know if you can get to it in an emergency. What if you are grabbed? If you carry a weapon, you need this class.

  • All practice
  • Applying self defense principles when you carry a sidearm
  • Getting space
  • Freeing your hands
  • Close in combat with the sidearm
  • Disarming an attacker

Unweapons Training

Learn how to use our various Unweapons  available at our shop KWchop including any of the following:

  • BadAss Cane
  • Silver Stones necklace
  • BadAss Stick or Glitter Stick keychain
  • Thor’s Hammer bracelet
  • Stoned Bandana

Refuse to Be a Victim Supplemental

  • Should take Refuse to Be a Victim (as offered by our partners)
  • Covers what to do in a physical confrontation
  • Physical techniques when grabbed, cornered, or confronted
  • What to do when you do everything right and everything still goes wrong

Personal Protection in Close Quarters Supplemental

  • Should take Personal Protection in the Home (as offered by our partners)
  • Covers using your sidearm in close quarters
  • Using your sidearm, drawing, firing, disarming in close
  • Close combat with a sidearm
  • Situational practice including how to fall and still get to your sidearm, how to move into position to use your sidearm
  • Creating space and time so that you can use your sidearm