We don’t have our own commercial space. We are so old school that we don’t even have a school. Over time, we’ve come to believe that the old way of itinerant teaching is superior to the current retail world of martial arts. The fact is that all you need to learn is a flat, temperature controlled space, an open mind, and a bit of courage. Everything else is bullshit.


Our classes include elements of Aikido, Tai Chi, Cane, Centering, and basic martial principles. We stress both self protection and protection of your attacker whenever possible. Self development is far more important than competition with others so we never spar. Our classse are both intense, fun, and open to all types of humans. Testing and rank is available, but not required. Be Brave. You can do this.


If you’re interested in a class, please just give us a call or an email and we’ll help you set it up. Chances are we’ll come to you. We’ll even work with you on price. This is as close to private tutoring as you’re likely to find and it allows for very rapid advancement.

For more information, please check the Temple of the Circus Monkey Facebook page. We check it daily.




Morihei Ueshiba developed Aikido to stress the moral and spiritual aspects of the martial arts, especially nonviolence, harmony, and peace. Aikido is practiced with a partner and has few offensive techniques. Instead we place emphasis on dynamic movement, balance, and self control. At DMD we show the lethal application of every technique but we PRACTICE the compassionate version.




Tai Chi

Tai Chi forms were developed over hundreds of years as a meditative way to address health, calmness, and self defense. It’s practiced all over the world for its physical and mental benefits. The forms provide a perfect platform to study human movement, meditation, and personal enrichment. Unlike Aikido and other martial arts the forms do not require a partner so they can be practiced anywhere.